michelle collageEven in the midst of a tough thigh series, Michelle will make you smile. Whether she’s cracking witty jokes, smiling, pointing out your gains in barre, or correcting your form to perfection, she’s a beloved instructor. Find out how she starts each day and what makes her tick in this q&a.

Where are you from? Santa Cruz. Born and raised!

What’s your favorite barre move? Glutes on the floor, because I can concentrate on each muscle group and it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as standing glutes (haha.) Also, it reminds me of my time in ballet.

When you’re not at barre, where will we find you? Walking on the beach collecting beach glass.

You can’t go a day without … My fruit/greens smoothie in my Vitamix. It’s an instant healthy energy boost that I’m addicted to. Also, talking to my mom on the phone. She and my sister are my best friends.

What’s one of your favorite quotes? “You’re more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more loved that you could ever imagine.”

What makes you laugh or cry? I laugh every time I watch videos of babies eating lemons for the first time on YouTube. I just can’t help myself.

What’s a talent that you have outside of barre? Makeup application and singing harmony.