1. It’s ballet-inspired, but it’s not ballet. This is not a dance class. You will use your own body weight, supported by the ballet barre through a series of strength and stretching exercises. Throughout the workout, you will recognize movements from ballet, yoga, Pilates and sport training. No dance experience is needed for a great workout at the barre.

  1. Think small. The movements are meant to be precise and controlled. You’ll focus on posture, alignment and micro movements to keep you in the sweet spot where your muscles are working hardest. There’s no bouncing, rebounding or using momentum. That’s cheating.
  1. Your muscles will shake. In barre, muscle shaking is a good thing. You may even hear your instructor say “nice shaking” or “embrace the shake.” When your muscles tremble, it’s a sign they’re reaching fatigue. They will break down and recover stronger. Take a break if it gets too intense, but do your best to push through.
  1. You’ll get the hang of it. It may take a couple of classes to really grasp the moves and understand the lingo. If you have any questions, don’t be shy. Ask your teachers before or after class. Soon you’ll be talking about “narrow V” and “micro movements” like you’ve been taking barre for years.
  1. Barre works. Barre classes build strength and improve flexibility. Whether you are an avid athlete looking to cross-train or a fitness newbie, you will benefit from barre. It’s an effective, low-impact workout for women and men of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Be ready to reshape your body and have fun doing it!