Behind the Barre – Sarah


sarah collage

They say the early bird gets the worm, but we believe the early bird gets to barre class. Sarah is the remarkable teacher who leads our 6 a.m. classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (as well as other classes). With energy like that, it’s no wonder that one of her favorite musicians is Pharrell Williams. Here’s the 411 on this dedicated teacher.    The FULL POST

Become Barre Forte Certified

barre forte certified

After investing all these months in perfecting your barre moves and re-shaping your body, you just might be ready for the next step. If you’re interested in becoming a certified Barre Forte instructor, you’re in luck. The Barre Studio owner Ashley Cramer will be joined by master teacher Jen Rehm for a weekend certification course. This is a rare opportunity so be sure to snap up this exclusive experience.


November Promotions
New Client Challenge

Earn your second month of unlimited barre classes for $99 when you complete the New Client Challenge. Take at least 3 classes each week during the 4 weeks of your New Client Special, and we’ll reward your hard work with next month’s membership for $99. If you take 5 classes each week, we’ll also give you a $25 gift certificate to spend in our retail boutique. You’ll deserve something new to wear to all the barre classes you’ll be taking!


One Food, Four Ways


When I lived in Australia, “pumpkin” was a staple on the menu. The first time I ordered pumpkin, I expected to be served the orange thing that we carve at Halloween and rarely eat unless in the form of pie, latte or soup. Instead, I learned that what the Australians call pumpkin is the healthy, hearty and versatile food that Americans call butternut squash.     The FULL POST