barre forte certified

After investing all these months in perfecting your barre moves and re-shaping your body, you just might be ready for the next step. If you’re interested in becoming a certified Barre Forte instructor, you’re in luck. The Barre Studio owner Ashley Cramer will be joined by master teacher Jen Rehm for a weekend certification course. This is a rare opportunity so be sure to snap up this exclusive experience.

Over the course of a fun-filled weekend, you’ll learn everything you need to know to format and choreograph a fun, safe and effective barre workout.

Just a few of the things you’ll tackle over the two days:

* Learn about the history and evolution of barre
* Discuss and understand how ballet, yoga, and Pilates have influenced barre
* Know what you must incorporate into every barre class
* Understand the principles that cause barre moves to be inherently small and effective
* Know the benefits and advantages of teaching with a tucked pelvis and with a neutral spine
* Learn to format and choreograph a one hour class
* And much more

Total price for certification = $669. Click here to learn more and register.