Fitness should inspire and empower. In our signature barre classes, you will benefit from the collective energy of a group with personal attention that challenges you to progress. Our beautiful studio is designed to enhance your fitness experience with space to relax or to socialize. We welcome all fitness levels, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service as we help you achieve your goals. Join us at The Barre Studio as we raise the barre on fitness.


   The Classes

Each one-hour class is a total-body workout that incorporates ballet-inspired movements with elements from yoga, Pilates and performance training. The classes are set to energizing music and are designed to tighten and tone arms, abs, thighs and glutes. Strength exercises work muscles to exhaustion using the ballet barre, body weight, and props. Deep stretching intervals follow each strength series to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility. The result is a strong, lean physique.

   The Technique

Barre workouts have existed for more than half a century, but they are now more popular than ever. Dancer Lotte Berk created the technique as rehabilitation after she injured herself during a performance. Her dance background and knowledge of physical therapy combined into a safe, effective method for sculpting a lean dancer’s body. Classes at The Barre Studio are a modern take on Lotte Berk’s technique with contemporary, upbeat music and a focus on whole body balance, strength and flexibility.